Will Calderon

Undergraduate Researcher

Will Calderon is a fourth-year chemical engineering major and Provost Scholar at Mississippi State University from Omaha, Nebraska. He joined the Civic Life Lab team in the fall of 2018 to assist with transcribing recordings of students playing Rebuilding Main Street. He also assists with statistical analysis of the deliberation data. He is interested in how to assemble a group of people best suited to come to decisions most efficiently. He is an active member of the Shackouls Honors College at MSU as the president of the Provost Scholars. He also has completed a music minor and enjoys playing his alto saxophone. In his free time, Will is the captain of his intramural basketball team and loves board games, civil discourse-related and otherwise. He is accepted into the master’s program in civil engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and will begin classes and research for the program beginning in the summer of 2019. He hopes to go on to become a civil or environmental engineering consultant. He wants to use his technical knowledge and social science experience to solve rhetorical and physical problems related to environmental preservation and resource allocation.