Fall 2018 Study

The CLL is utilizing the Rebuilding Main Street deliberation simulation to conduct a research study starting in the fall of 2018. This study gathers data on the influence of communication training and mindfulness exercises on the type of deliberation that emerges as participants play the game.

Our study tests two different deliberation training methods. The first method simply involves having the participants play the game without any intervention from the research team after they are taught the rules of the game. The second method introduces an intervention halfway through the game session, during which the research team leads the participants in civic mindfulness exercises that are oriented toward encouraging their critical listening skills, perspective taking, and social responsibility. The participants then resume game play, ideally implementing the lessons from the civic mindfulness exercises in their subsequent deliberations and potentially in real-world contexts as well.

We recruited 20 students to play the game over 4 consecutive weeks in Fall 2018. We recorded the game sessions of both groups and are currently transcribing and analyzing their deliberations using well-established deliberation measures from the work of Jennifer Stromer-Galley, and John Gastil and Laura W. Black.